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Job, Career, Passion - Pick Two!

 "What do I want to be when I grow up"; an expression that rings true with today's workforce, whether just starting out in the corporate world or someone with many years of expertise. The business community, the economic environment, are demanding for personnel that are better educated, experienced and have outstanding interpersonal skills.

The educational, cultural change is alive and thriving, a significant problem for employers. Generational shift from the Boomers to the Millennials, and the Z's coming up soon are changing the motivational ideals. What was formerly vital about security, loyalty, and power has evolved to life- balance, fair and equal, trust, and the environment.

Motivational content concepts from what many of us have studied in school, Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory, Aldermen's ERG Theory, Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory or Process Theories such as Expectancy, Goal, and Equity Theories are in need of a more in-depth review. Thinking innovatively about what is important to our workforce and implementing the tactics to encourage and increase self-worth.

Having the opportunity to coach and train hundreds of people in private business, and formal schooling there is a gap on what individuals want to accomplish. With that said, and with an unscientific bias view, the tendency for job seekers, is first to follow his or her passion, and then obtain a job. A career comes last due to the fast changes in our company divisions.

The importance of a career has taken a step back, while personal benefits have taken center stage. The, "What's in it for ME" has gained a changed connotation. Education also has to take a changed perspective. Teaching procedure, critical thinking, managing a diverse workforce and problem solving are key factors for success. Narratives, case studies, role plays, and the knowledge of finances outcomes are necessary learning.

With the lack of longevity inside a business, transferable skills are a must. That is why people whether starting out or with a year of experience need to continuously think of the next opportunity, and what talents are in his or her figurative toolkit, and what skills need to be added. Setting a professional path is like developing a business plan which needs to comprise and executive summary, mission and value statement, marketing strategy, product description, SWOT analysis, and financial summary. To many this is difficult but when complete it could become your a ha moment.

I would like to think that a people-centric strategy will win in our present business environment. However, the difficulty of maintaining great workers now faces new hurdles, and that is to satisfy the desire in individuals.

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