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Restaurant Training Manual - Waiter Job Description

 Main Purpose of the Job:

The Waiter / Waitress under the leadership of the Captain and according to Company regulations and procedures shall carry out his / her tasks based on the following fundamentals:

- Maintains the highest standard of professional ethics

- Emphasizes and projects a high image for the hotel

- Is concerned with the operating objectives of the hotel

- Operates with full transparency thereby projecting the truth regarding general observations

Key Function:

He / she is in charge and responsible for the control of numerous tables in a service station, increasing the quick efficiency of food & beverage service and ensuring guest satisfaction according to the Organization requirements.

Key Result Area: Guest Satisfaction

Main Duties duties

- Assures achievement of daily planning by list of tasks received.

- Follows up on trained elements and duties, on a daily basis.

- Ensures service for tables assigned.

- Takes food and beverage orders as per Hotel standard.

- Delivers meals from kitchen and beverages from dispensing bars.

- Assists Busboy /girl in cleaning tables if necessary.

- Follows sequences of work during set-up time and service time.

- Has to know in details food and beverage items offered in menu.

- Handles visitor request in a respectful manner reiterating their request to make sure that guest's message was correctly conveyed.

- Reports immediately to Superior any misunderstanding, problem or accident with visitor or staff.

- Communicates constructively with guests to measure their satisfaction. If not satisfied, follow up with an immediate action.

- Receives a training and focus closely on numerous elements and tasks taught on a daily basis.

Key Result Area: Employee satisfaction

Main Duties duties

- Signs in and out of duty as soon as reaching or departing outlet.

- Attends pre-meal briefings, listen attention to orders issued by Superiors concerning today's service achievements.

- Is well, tidy, groomed, disciplined and honest at all times.

- Reports immediately to his supervisor any misunderstanding, problem or mishap with a guest or the personnel.

Key Result Area: Financial Performance

Main Duties duties

- Follows up opening and closing procedures.

- Informs Superior on damages immediately after spotting them.

- Presents checks and maintaining smooth co-operation with cashiers.

- Is aware of any activities/ events operating within the hotel in order to promote and maximize sales.

- Suggests strategies of cutting costs without effecting the quality and grade of the hotel.

- Ensures energy and water saving.

Key Result Area: Environmental Awareness

Main Duties duties

- Informs superior if Housekeeping cleaning plans were fulfilled.

- Operates all equipment as per the operational guidelines.

- Has comprehensive understanding of the hotel safety and emergency protocols.

- Complies with legislative and legal regulations for fire, health and safety, cleanliness, licensing and employment.

- Is acquainted of all local customs.

Fundamental attitudinal factors:

- May be called upon a times to undertake other duties which are not listed in this job description.

- The ultimate objective of the Waiter / Waitress performance is the accomplishment of 100% client satisfaction.

- A vital job for the Waiter / Waitress is to build and maintain a positive relationship with supervisors, colleagues and subordinates at all times.

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