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Why LinkedIn is a Game Changer in the Job Hunting Process

 Remember how you used (and still are used to) to send tons of resumes, expecting and waiting by the phone for a call back from a firm or a placement agency? Well these days are passing gone faster than you realize.

With the growing number of baby boomers retiring and specialized workforce evaporating in north America, firms are fighting to recruit the best potential applicants by whatever means necessary.

If any method means reaching out there on social networks to entice candidates, they will do it - their platform of choice? LinkedIn

The story

A few days ago my OFFICE phone calls. Being in a middle of a conversation I hastily check the number (unknown) and let it go to voicemail to later on listen to this message..

"Sir, I am a recruiter, my name is... and I have noticed your profile on LinkedIn and think you would be the ideal candidate for a post I have to fill right now"

Puzzled, I phone the guy back and find out that not only did he pull up my LinkedIn profile, but he did Google me as well, found the city I was living in, contacted the head office, asked for my extension left a message and knew quite a bit about me. In the process, making sure that I was actually who I was saying I was on my profile.

After reviewing the job description and meeting with the guy, we both decided that it was not a perfect fit. To cut a long tale short, it did not work out. It was a dead end job.

But every interview is an opportunity to learn and this time here's the lesson. LinkedIn may get you noticed and open doors you did not even know existed. This is as powerful as it is scary.

What to do if you are intending to post a profile on LinkedIn,

1-Be truthful and honest. There is nothing more upsetting for a recruiter to find out that your profile does not reflect your resume. Of course your profile can track every inch of achievement something your CV cannot do.

2-Use keywords- The recruiter is reading through profiles and looking for a suitable fit. Keywords that fit his requirements will help. No essay or Shakespearian language (unless you're applying for an English professor position). Keep things simple but effective

3-Be consistent- check your profile every other day and make sure the info is accurate, that your're participating in discussions or groups. Be part of the community you say you're in.

4-Grow your network with people you really know-Quality of relations rather than quantity important. This is not Facebook so, recruiters do not really care that you have 2000 friends or that you're connected to president Obama -Actually that might even hinder you as it is exceedingly unlikely that you know the guy-but hey who knows?

5-Say ONLY what you want them to know -This is still internet and you wouldn't disclose a credit card info to your employer so do the same online and be careful of your privacy

Bottom line - Recruiters are seeking for the greatest possible applicants. Even if they are not recruiting immediately, your LinkedIn profile can function as a database for future jobs.

Be proactive by treating your professional online presence seriously as you would in a real interview. LinkedIn can get you shortlisted for an unexpected position and can assist evaluate if the recruiter should even bother with you at all. So be aware and ready.

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