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Preparation for Your Job Interview is Everything

 Preparation is vital in life and as well in preparation for job interviews. You may assume that it is good to "run by the seat of your pants." In your mind it may even be admirable.

However employers and your prospective employer who is sitting across the desk or hotel room from you may not. A fundamental component of fire departments is to prevent rather than fight fires. Preparation and planning shows an employee with traits and skills that they admire and recruit. You may think that it is just terrific to accomplish things at the last moment.

However have you ever considered the extra effort and mediocre rewards that generally results? By waiting to the last moment you are drastically limiting both your possibilities as well as your success rate.

A vital technique to exhibit your planning skills as well as your capacity to accomplish your ideas is to undertake an in-depth analysis of the firm that you are planning to work for. In the end you should know more about the company - its strengths, shortcomings, goals, customers and products than even the individual interviewing you.

What questions should you focus on in your research?

First of course what is the ownership of the company, Is it privately held, a public firm on the stock exchange or a government agency. Public corporations have a variety of information available from your stock broker, online or at your public library.

Private enterprises are somewhat more guarded. You can shine in your research talents here. Again online searches and the public library may be useful. Newspaper searches or clippings again at the library may also give results. Seeks out consumers and even competition for your chosen firm. After all who understands better about the sales and troubles of the aspirin industry than the salesman of the competitor product Tylenol?

Government organizations create a hurdle in that some information is available

And even more is supposed to available but may be well be kept from public view by a possessive protecting beauracy. Again your research and interpersonal skills and relationships come into play.

Find out what the main declared goals of the organization are. Is this consistent with their appararent behavior and direction. Consistency down the line is key. The captain may be sailing in one direction and the staff is paddling like mad in another direction to get out of dangers path.

Prepare for queries as to what talents, education, experience and information you will bring to the organization. It is crucial that this matches with the work position.

The employer may well ask you what pay you are requesting. Again examine industry norms in that particular field. Total compensation with benefits, bonuses and perks are what count.

Be prepared to highlight ongoing challenges in the specific field and industry concerned as well as current developments. Ongoing educational demands in the field, the field and the firm are crucial.

Finally at the end of the interview it is usually best to ask for feedback. Are there any questions not covered? Are there areas for development in your presentation, knowledge or skills? Assuming you are successfully employed what areas of attention should you have - training, skill development and personal development?

It is believed that those that do not plan prepare to fail. Don't fall in that trap. Be proactive. Plan and follow through. Woody Allen's observation that "95 percent of life is merely showing up" is more than appropriate. However it must be stressed - turn up well prepared.

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