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Know the Common Job Interview Questions

 It is a known fact that behind every question that is asked at a job interview there is another question that is concealing, or there is a concern. As an interviewee, it is your obligation to comprehend why the interviewer is asking you such questions. The job of the interviewer is basically to test the candidate and determine whether he can adapt to settings and how he reacts to questions that he might not particularly like. Moreover it is the obligation of the interviewer to assess whether the candidate is suitable for the position and how responsible he would be towards the firm.

Applying for a job interview might at time be a nerve-racking process for individuals. For others who know the tricks of the trade, it is like any other day at the workplace. However, a job interview demands a lot of preparation especially because occasionally the interviewer gets better of the candidate. Job interview questions can sometimes be scary especially for someone who is presenting for an interview for the first time. There are various questions that an interviewee is asked but some of the most popular questions are as follows.

Tell me a bit about yourself

In a question like this, it is evident that the interviewer wants to know what you have been doing and how you run your life. In other words he or she wants to know whether you are responsible and whether you would be able to handle the role for which you are doing the interview. Ideally one should not sell themselves here and should retain an unbiased approach to everything.

Why did you leave your last job?

This is a hard topic since most often interviewee's bad mouth their prior work so much so that the new employer often loses trust in him or her. Ideally, the interviewee should play this safe. Probable causes of leaving a previous employment could be that although there was money, there was no job satisfaction. Moreover, one should focus on the new job that he is applying for because this would the interviewee. Do not be too nasty about your previous boss because you never know they might just turn out to be old friends.

What is one of your weaknesses?

This is a really essential question since this provides you the leverage to be truthful. The new boss does not want to know what your weakness is but is more curious to know whether you can overcome it. At the same time do not brag about yourself and say that you do not have any weakness.

Where do you envision yourself in 5 years' time?

This again is a hard question because the interviewer wants to know your plans and whether the organization is apart of it. No Company wants an employer to depart immediately after he has joined as a result this question can be a bit deceiving. One should keep in mind that the interviewee wants to know how confident are you in your approach and whether you are sure of what you will do in the following years.

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