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Some Common Job Interview Weaknesses and How to Address Them

 If you have been to a job interview lately, you may not have performed as well as you were hoped. There are various major job interview shortcomings that may have harmed you, such as not knowing the firm you are meeting with, responding poorly to the interview questions, and lacking correct job interview etiquette.. When you have done reading this article, you will be able to walk into your next interview with much more confidence having defeated the job interview shortcomings that were holding you back!

Not Understanding the Company You Are Interviewing With

It is a huge job interview weakness to overlook the required research before meeting with a possible employer. Before you walk in for your interview, you should make sure you have completed a thorough search online for any news releases, financial reports, or any other company presentations that would give you further insight into their firm. You want to make sure you completely understand the company's history, as well as its products and services. Most importantly, know what your job's position will be in the firm and how you will be able to provide value efficiently.

Answering the Questions Poorly

Giving bad responses to the interview questions is another big job interview problem. Many people will provide their answers "on the fly" and their response will miss the essence of the question. To avoid this, make sure you are well versed in the frequent interview topics and have created a decent response ahead of time. You want your answers to emphasize how your unique abilities and expertise will be a benefit to this job rather to just offering a basic informative response that answers the inquiry but doesn't sell your background.

Proper Interview Etiquette

In my job as a staffing manager I observed a LOT of people arriving up inappropriately clothed or behaving in a casual way. This is one of the largest job interview shortcomings you might have, but luckily it's easy to fix! Make sure that you show up to every interview at least ten minutes early. Showing up late, even with a legitimate justification will often destroy your chances of getting the job since it generates a subconscious impression with the interviewer that you are not skilled enough to meet your fundamental commitments. Also, you want to make sure you are dressed in a tasteful business suit with shined shoes.

As you can see, there are a range of big job interview problems that could have influenced your previous performance, but these are all extremely straightforward to fix! Make sure that before you go to your next interview you have done some high quality research about your target firm, rehearsed some appropriate interview example questions, and are following the proper etiquette. I know if you can improve on these issues you will have a lot greater chance of landing your next job.

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