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Two Ways to Expand Your Job Search Network

 To Recruiters and Sales professionals, networking is a way of life. In the old days, it used to be named "getting a rolodex", which implies you have an overflowing phone book full of contacts from which to dial anytime you choose to use your network. Nowadays, almost all can be found on-line and it's far simpler to cultivate and expand the network...or is it?

Networking does not come easily to other individuals. Maybe you've worked at the same position with the same people for several years. Or maybe you have only had one job since college, so your network is small. If you find yourself on the job market, how can you leverage and extend your network? Here are two modern strategies for expanding the professional network:

On-Line Forums and Groups - put clearly, there is an Internet community with just about any career, business and experience level. Your task is to look for one or two that suit YOU. Any recommended places to browse include Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Craigslist and LinkedIn. Use key terms to define the kind of community you'd want to enter and join the right ones. Or, if you don't find one that you want, make one! It's open and you'd be shocked by the number of people who would have similar job goals as you. Once you enter the club. it's important that you contribute. No one would realize who you are or what you are searching for if you don't join in the discussions. Introduce yourself and communicate what you are searching for. Try posting a query to get input or have updates to someone's article. Provide advice with your skills and don't be shy to ASK for help.

Meet-up Groups - ( ( Meet-ups are when individuals with a shared purpose plan a day to come together in person. Just about every urban region has a community devoted to career hunting. Some would welcome you to the meet-up so you can hand around business cards or a resume, or get up in front of the audience and let people know what kind of work you're applying for. It's also favored if you bring whatever leads you have to share with the party, particularly if they're not suitable leads for you. If there is not a particular forum for work hunting, consider looking for a meet-up group that is in your occupation or business. If you follow the planned meet-ups and mingle a little, you'll quickly find new friends to connect to the network.

Two good practices to bear in mind while you are extending the network are:

Often give more benefit than you get - offer your services, experience, tips, leads and support to others and it will be returned to you twofold!

Follow up! - make sure that anytime you encounter new people, you place them in your own "rolodex" and stay in touch with them, even after you secure a career. Continue to give yourself as a link as it can help you expand your network during your professional career. It can come in handy for the moment in the future where you might be considering another career transition, or if you are in the lucky situation of being willing to recruit somebody into your squad. Following up with new connections would be mutually advantageous and is a smart way to drive your career further.

You don't have to be a salesperson or a recruiter to have a strong network. Finding someone in your business or trade is not just good for your work, but it's also interesting to encounter others with whom you share something in common. Make a target for yourself to meet at least two new connections per week to see your network - and your career hunt - grow.

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