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Top Job Interview Tips For College Seniors

 You are advised as you are younger that you ought to go college to get a decent career. Ok, things have changed and only having a college degree does mean you are likely to find a career following graduation. In reality, there is a fair risk that you won't find a career after college for at least 6 months to a year. College seniors ought to be willing to stick out in front of prospective employers. While most colleges still have career coaches accessible for their students, colleges don't teach students how to apply for a position in the real world. Thanks to Global Jobs Network Group from LinkedIn, some participants got real-world top career interview advice for graduating college seniors. See what any of them thought.

1. Wear a well-fitted suit so that all males and females are safe heading into an interview. According to Monica Brooks of Brooks Consulting, "my experience with recent or soon-to-be grads is that their wardrobes are hideous. Dress For Success isn't joking, nor can it be taken lightly. Unpressed or ill-fitting, or outdated or worn-down or out-of-date clothing couldn't possibly impose self-confidence."

2. "Practice, practice, practice! Find a mate to hold a mock chat." According to Sonia Garrido of Sulzer, It is very helpful particularly when you can kind of map out the answers you can provide to those questions. Often, it helps you feel a bit more relaxed while you are in the actual interview and you won't be as tense. Have your friend be skeptical about your responses and your overall presentation."

3. According to Dana Bigman of the Casablanca Fan Company, "learn as much as possible about the \scompany in advance and strategically weave the information into your answers and queries. Also make careful to think on what you will do with them (help them be profitable, fix a dilemma, etc.), not what they can do for you (a decent starting wage, insurance, higher schooling, etc.)"

4. According to Lewis Bryan of SellState Capital Realty, "be prepared to share your own (couple of them) company experience and if you do not have any, be prepared to share any life experience that will help the interviewer appreciate how you confront challenge and how you treat yourself under strain. Be frank with your responses and be yourself. Do not pretend to be something you are not."

5. "Make sure you firmly shake the hand of the interviewer and look them in the eye as you present yourself at the outset of the interview." According to Gary Trebels of IFC Credit Corporation, "make sure you firmly shake the hand of the interviewer and look them in the eye as you present yourself at the outset of the interview. A flimsy handshake to me is fragile and loses trust. Initial memories are created in the first minute to thirty seconds and they are really challenging to alter. Why start out at a disadvantage when you can create such a favorable first impression during the first minute? My mum, who was a secretary to CEO's, hammered this into my mind when I was 10 years old, and I am so grateful that she did."

6. "Before the interview finishes, and after you have agreed if you want the position, in a friendly manner, inquire for the job?" According to Paul Balutis of A#1 Southport, "Too many people never close the chance at hand. You do not have to be too blunt, just ask how you did, what's the next move, and oh by the way, I am more involved in the role than I was before this interview! This will detach you from the crowd, this will allow you stand out, and it will bring you to phase 2!"

Everyone of the interview tips offered is required to excel in a work interview. The most valuable work interview tip that you should use is only being yourself in a job interview. People are willing to recruit you regardless of who you are and what you have to sell.

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