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Sales Job Interviews - The One Basic Mistake That Will Ruin Your Interview

I recently had sales work interviews and more than half of the candidates missed the job when they made the same simple error. I've seen this error made several times and no matter what you do because you've made this mistake you will have no hope of having the sales work.

The interviewer is searching for somebody to market their goods or services. You don't have to have years in marketing the very same thing, or a track record in the same marketplace. But what you would show in the sales work interview is evidence and experience with one of two the specific forms of marketing. The investigator would be looking for either a new company sales representative who contacts prospective new clients, or they may like an account manager who maintains long lasting partnerships with current customers. These two distinct forms of sale are sometimes represented as Hunters and Farmers. Presenting oneself as the incorrect one would destroy the hope of being good in an interview.

Imagine providing pretty excellent facts in your work interview about how you have handled the top accounts in your current position. You have written evidence of growing the sales and benefits from the employer's clients. Your portfolio of clients has grown and you have received prizes and bonuses for this excellent achievement. But the sales interviewer is searching for a potential market hunter. Someone who knocks a bell, makes a sales appointment call, meets the customer, and seals the contract. You walk out of the work interview feeling like you've done a fantastic job of showcasing how successful a sales manager you are. But what the interviewer has heard is how you don't fit the sales work they are trying to fill.

I've even met sales people who have showed me what amazing new business seeker they are while I was searching for an account manager and partnership builder. The career candidate informs me more about their excellent closing skills, how assertive they can be, and the success rate of prospects who become customers. But these are not the skills or expertise I am searching for in the individual who will handle my important current accounts. And if the career seeker realises their error half way into the sales job interview, it is really tough to quickly reverse course to show a new attitude to marketing.

Are you making this simple error, and is it preventing your sales career from going onwards? You must understand what the sales interviewer is searching for so you can train for the interview and introduce yourself in a manner that meets the work specifications. There are several sales positions that include a mix of all sales types. The same career interview methods apply. Find out before the interview to balance the needs of the role. Remember, you are a sales specialist and when you market to clients you figure out their wants before you make your sales pitch. So pursue the same promotional method as you market your attributes at a sales career interview.

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