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Merchandise Analyst - Store - (200003XY) UAE

 Merchandise Analyst - Store - (200003XY) UAE



The job holder's main responsibility & Accountability will be to ensure the availability of Merchandise as per Sales trends, Seasonality, Promotions, Events, Sale through & Self Space. The job holder is also responsible for Inventory health at the Store in terms of following the laid out in warding process & subsequent documentation. Also responsible for ensuring back store arrangements which will proactively ensure reduced damages & shrinkage

Replenishment & Availability

·         Responsible for ensuring optimum availability of merchandise.

·         Responsible for stock turns through optimum inventory management in terms of Stock cover.

·         Responsible for scheduling of Stock to Store & to shelves.

·         Responsible for ensuring Productivity through monitoring & driving sale through.

·         Responsible for forecasting stock requirement based on current, past sales trends.

·         Responsible for following all processes & SOPs required to ensure availability.

·         Responsible for planning timely availability of merchandise to maximize sales during Events, Promotions, New Launches & etc.

Inventory Process & Hygiene

·         Responsible for adherence to all Inventory related system & processes.(Like GRN, SDN, STS & etc)

·         Accountable for timely clearance and documentation of Damages, Replacements & Repairs.

·         Responsible for maintaining error free inventory through control checks & following procedures to correct negative inventory, perpetual counts, Stock takes & etc.

·         Responsible for proper documentation of customer returns, Credit notes & other process which impact inventory.

·         Responsible for review of slow moving SKUs and suggest liquidation offers & plans.

·         Responsible for timely closure of all discrepancy related to shortages, Damages, Returns, Delivery & etc.

·         Responsible for accuracy of billing through proactive checks of Bar codes and etc.

·         Responsible for quality check of new arrival & providing feedback of the same.

·         Responsible for close monitoring of SPD at SKU level &providing analytical inputs to the Sales team to maximize sale.

Back Store Management

·         Responsible for ensuring proper stocking in the back store.

·         Responsible for Ensuring FIFO.

·         Responsible for ensuring Back store is accessible and maintained as per warehousing Guidelines.

·         Ensuring all registers related to back store stock keeping are maintained.

Damages & Shrinkage Control

·         Responsible for loss prevention through restricting shrinkage & damages within the norms at store.

·         Responsible for ensuring all IN WARD & OUT WARD process adherences to reduce & control technical shrinkage.

·         Responsible for training in warding, sales staff in terms of product handling to control & reduce damages.

·         Review & Monitor inventory through cycle counts.

·         Responsible for ensuring timely damage segregation, repair & clearance.

·         MA Role & Responsibility at transaction level

Delivery Efficiency:

·         Review SRN from Wh and Keep the Stock on Designated place.

·         Share the Excel sheet to CRM of the arrival Customer Pick up & follow up for pending SWD and DO Record.

·         COD closure and Physical Product return against the CN or Refunds Mark Return /Mark cancel.

Stock Control

·         ASN Summaries, Warehouse returns Records - Monitor and Audit daily.

·         ASN Discrepancy Report must be enclosed with every BOL confirmed.

·         System GRN to be verified against physical receiving at day end closure.

·         Damage and Missing Item Report Must be kept on Monthly basis on every 25th of the month.

Inventory Accuracy

·         Daily incremental negative check from system and RCA                                                

·         Drive Cycle count in line with planners

·         Appraise & prevent wrong practices of GRN or POS billing to SM/IC.

·         Report to planners for the adjustment and record the file updated before and after adjustment

·         Damages

·         Filling up the PQR Data and feedback reports.

·         Review  CKDN fill ratio of store                 

·         Review SPD with Store team and drive actions on slow moving stocks or nonmoving stocks                                             

·         Prepare and plan stocks for sale period.

·         Suggest possible offers that can impact of sale.                                                     

·         Review 'zero sale last 30 days' and take decisions through the SM.                               

·         Review stocks less than 5 qty and suggest offers to liquidate it.

·         Stock request analysis for planners            

·         Report on discount stock sale on floor      

·         Tracking and monitoring of Cross merchandise sales                                          

·         Floor check on promotion offer running displays.


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