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The SAP labor market in the UK and Europe is growing along with the general economy. The reason for this parallel growth is that SAP business solutions are closely linked to the rise of smaller companies to industry leaders. Companies that want to compete in their market segment have started to invest in SAP software and professionals who are knowledgeable about their skills. In essence, SAP software and the people who use it are critical investments in business success. The need for business solutions in the form of SAP programs means that there is a strong SAP job market for the right specialists. 

Professionals interested in growing with a company should take a look at smaller accounting and finance companies that use SAP software. SAP jobs at companies that are just starting out may not be as lucrative in the short term. The right professional with the specific SAP knowledge needed to improve a business can be responsible for growing a business. Therefore, investing time and energy in these types of positions can lead to great rewards for SAP experts. However, the consolation prize for SAP professionals who work with smaller companies that don't make it is an invaluable experience that can be used the next time they're looking for a job.

Graduates and young professionals who are familiar with SAP and have little industrial experience can be good SAP trainers. SAP experts can teach university students and professionals who are already in the workforce how to use SAP and updated information about SAP software. Training positions are ideal for professionals who like to speak to different groups, for example with a little variety, and who want to use their SAP knowledge to help others. Training jobs are offered by recruitment agencies, software companies, and larger companies.

SAP professionals often find their way through larger companies as apprentices. National and international accounting firms, banks and financial planners often use training programs to help graduates adapt to the corporate world. Training helps to integrate knowledge of SAP software and other IT problems into real environments, which is invaluable for professional success. These options are obviously limited, as companies often only need a few SAP experts at the same time. As with all other IT positions, hundreds of applications from the UK and around the world flood the HR departments of these companies. SAP experts often find it good to find temporary jobs or freelance advice before applying for training programs.
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