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Spray Painter – Furniture

Spray Painter – Furniture

Industry: Construction
Career: Mid Career
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED 1001-2000
Experience: 2 - 5 Years
Job Type: Full Time
Gender: Any

  1. Making & Mixing Color, Sanding, Sealer, Shades Matching, Samples Making.
  2. Spray, or hand-rub finishing ingredients, such as paint, oil, stain, onto and into wood grain; then apply lacquer or other sealers.
  3. Fill and smooth cracks or depressions, remove marks and imperfections, and repair broken parts, using plastic or wood putty, glue, nails, and/or screws.
  4. Recommend woods, colors, finishes, and furniture styles, using knowledge of wood products, fashions, and styles.
  5. Smooth, shape, and touch up surfaces to prepare them for finishing, using sandpaper, pumice stones, steel wool, chisels, sanders, or grinders.
  6. Remove old finishes and damaged parts, using hand tools, stripping tools, sandpaper, solvents.
  7. Disassemble items to prepare them for finishing, using hand tools.
  8. Treat warped or stained surfaces to restore original contours and colors.

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