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Sales Advisor - Life Insurance

Sales Advisor - Life Insurance
Solyda Insurance Broker LLC - Dubai

Principal Accountability:
  • Develop effective marketing strategies to sell insurance plans to new clients or up-sell to existing clients
  • Use methods such as networking, social media, client seminars etc to identify opportunities and cultivate trust with
  • Potential customers
  • Measure the current and future financial circumstances of business or individual customers and propose solutions
  • according to their requirements
  • Submit regular progress of sales to unit head
  • Retain and develop , database of existing and potential clients.
  • Follow the market trends and continuously refurbish knowledge on products and services
  • Fulfill all policy requirements
  • Develop cross sell opportunities for the existing book of business
  • Continue to service and generate additional revenue from existing clients.
  • Implement sales initiatives to increase sales volumes

  • Ensure effective customer service to improve persistence and repeat sales
  • Complete the fact find as prescribed by the company for need analysis.
  • Present customers with a minimum of two solutions that match their current and future needs
  • Manage orphan contracts in line with company orphan contract management guidelines
  • Establish effective regular communication channels with customers to strengthen the relationship for after sales service.
  • Collaborate with sales unit manager & sales support staff to facilitate business progress
  • Responsible for generating illustrations from different insurance company software tools

  • Comply with legal, regulatory, financial and operational requirements in all areas of responsibility
  • Follow compliance and aml requirements as set out by the insurance companies
  • Do the KYC for the clients as per the guidelines provided by different insurance companies.

  • Collaborate with other financial advisors to strengthen unit sales production/growth
  • Add innovative ideas to improve efficiency in sales proces

  • Facilitate actions to resolve performance issues and ensure minimum activity & productivity ratios are achieved
  • Responsible for the accuracy of client information in documentation
  • Attend ongoing product and sales training conducted internally or externally.
  • Attend daily, weekly and monthly sales team meetings
  • Prepare illustrations and fill out application forms and collect requisite data for the insurance application

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